3D Archery Targets

3D Archery Targets help with your confidence and accuracy for big game or small game hunting. Read this Article for more info on Pricing and Making Your Own Targets.

And they are not that expensive in my opinion. And Pricing is what We talk about first...


We will be selling these Here eventually.

Yes, they can get expensive, I get it. Some are super-duper expensive, But for the most part they are not that expensive.

So how expensive are they you ask?


These range from $30 to $2000 USD Most expensive ones are Elk. Cheapest is deer or Turkeys (yes some of you will say Turkeys are small game and they are registered as small game in some States, and countries?). These average at around $100.


These range around $3 to $300, $3 being doves and Lynx are about $276. I'm sure you could find more expensive ones if you looked. These average around $75 to $100.

(All these' prices can vary bigtime. I'm just putting in prices that I would say are average. Also remember this is USD so if you are in a different country it may be different)


These targets can range anywhere from $10 to $1000 and they average around about $100. And these wok great but they aren't 3D and don't help with confidence as much.

3D Archery Targets help your Hunting confidence and accuracy

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Can I make my own? Yes! You can make your own pretty easily! It's not that hard at all. All you need is some paper, And some kind of background. ( hay bale, straw bale, etc...) And maybe images if you can't draw to good.

(Blog post written by son of Troyer Websites Owner.)  (Joni Troyer)

Joni Troyer