Recurve Vs Longbow

Recurve vs Longbow Hmm... Good topic... Which is better... Recurve!... Well probably... I think so... Maybe not... Actually definitely Recurve!...

But For real guys the recurve just has to be better for all around Purpose.

What's the difference?


Some people don't like shooting "loud bows". Vibrations and bowstring “twang” generate bow noise. If you want a quiet bow go with a longbow. It is quiet even without string silencers.


Fast arrows have flatter trajectories, which help you shoot farther accurately. If you want a fast-shooting bow, consider a recurve. Its speed comes from its curved tips, which store more energy than do straight limbs. Some longbows, however, rival the fastest recurves. These longbows have swept limbs that aren’t as extreme as a recurve’s, but generate similar arrow speeds.


Longbows and recurves increase in draw weight as they’re pulled back. A smooth-drawing bow is easy to pull at the start but its draw weight rapidly increases when nearing full draw. In contrast, a smooth-drawing bow evenly increases in weight and feels effortless to pull.

Recurve bows draw more smoothly, in general, but bow designs play significant roles in how they draw. Well-designed longbows can be incredibly smooth, especially if their length matches the archer’s draw length. Taller archers, for example, find longer bows smoother to draw than shorter bows.


For classical looks and historical appeal, longbows rule. From ice-age hunters to medieval archers, longbows embody history. Recurves have their own fascinating history. Mounted archers, for example, used recurves to conquer Asia. Recurves are also the choice of Olympians.

So now that we know some of the differences what bow do you think you would want?

Which is right for you?

Longbows and recurves have advantages and disadvantages. You can’t go wrong with either, and it’s simple to decide which one is best for you. How? Shoot some recurves and longbows at an archery shop, and choose the one that puts the biggest smile on your face.

Do you want a recurve or longbow? Make a pick.

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 I hope Longbow Vs Recurve was interesting to read about... So again which do you want? Up to your preferences. In my opinion the recurve has more of an accuracy point then the longbow does.

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