Best bow for Bowfishing?

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Best Bow for Bowfishing? What is the best bow you ask? Well In my opinion it will have to be the Compound. And that is probably the most common. So accordingly the compound would be the best and the most lethal. Recurve comes in at a close second. Crossbows aren't used quite as much but I believe are still used.

Best Compound Bowfishing Bow

Best bow for Bowfishing

The Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch is supposedly the best compound Bowfishing bow. I found this while researching.

Developed from the ground up with the extremes of bowfishing in mind, the Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch has an axle-to-axle length of 32.25 inches with a brace height of 7.25 inches and a peak draw weight of 50 pounds. 

 The unit features two interchangeable draw modules, a draw specific module and a constant draw module with 60 percent let-off, both providing draw length adjustments from 17 to 31 inches. The Sucker Punch is also equipped with deep cam grooves that prevent derailed strings while on the water, and also enable problem-free transport and carrying. Available in a bow only or a ready-to-fish package, this bow is made for the serious bow angler.

The ready-to-fish package comes with a Fishing Biscuit Arrow Rest, Cajun Blister Buster Finger Pads, Cajun Hybrid Bowfishing reel, and two white fiberglass arrows with piranha tips to provide the most complete and effective bowfishing kit on the market. 

This bow allows you to bowfish comfortably without causing finger pinch. Lightweight at only 3.2 pounds, the Sucker Punch is engineered to stick and whip big fish, whether it be carp or alligator gar. This is truly the best bowfishing bow for anglers who want value for money without compromising on reliable performance and consistent power delivery. 

$343.28 Amazon

That is kinda cheap for a compound bow!!

Best Recurve Bowfishing Bow

Best Recurve for bowfishing

PSE KingFisher Bowfishing Kit is supposedly pretty good! It looks good And is actually pretty cheap! 

$159.99 Amazon

Also found this:

For those who haven’t taken part in this past time, you probably won’t do better than the PSE Kingfisher kit. It gives you all the equipment you need to get you to the water, with a good chance of fishing success. It’s lightweight, at under 3 pounds, so it’s great for smaller individuals and younger anglers, yet it puts the arrow where it should be with accuracy.

You’ll also find it smaller and easy to carry, but it will also serve the serious bowfishing individual quite well. The reel is front-mounted and comes with 80-pound test line, so you can go after some of the larger fish in your chosen area. It fits the bill at 31-inches long and has an arrow rest that will work well for novice or veteran. You can meet most of your bowfishing needs with the 45-pound draw weight.

Best Bowfishing Crossbow

Best bow for Bowfishing

Parker Stingray Open sight is What I found as the best bowfishing Crossbow. But Amazon has it as unavailable. It just says: Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. So No price on this one. 

I'm guessing that might be because Parker stopped their business but you could probably find one of these on eBay.

But here is what I found:

Stepping outside the traditional bow design, this is the best choice for those who want the unique, accurate performance of a crossbow for their fishing expeditions. It’s suitable for both saltwater angling and freshwater activity.

This balanced and lightweight crossbow has solid construction and a great cam system, plus it offers draw weight adjustable from 100 pounds up to 125 pounds. This might be your choice for those mid-sized fish as well as for the biggest targets.

Pay a little or a lot and get started in bowfishing?!

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Bowfishing has been a food-gathering method for centuries. With the improvements in bow technology, arrow design, and the availability of new materials such as fiberglass and aluminum, it’s become an even more accurate, enjoyable way of fishing.

You can hunt for bottom-feeding fish and other tough water game with the right bow-and-arrow combination, and carry a lot of fish to your camp or home.

Choose a novice kit to get started, or go with the best (Cajun Sucker Punch, PSE, Parker crossbow) if you want to bowfish at the next level.

 Bowfishing is gaining in popularity, not only with people who want to fish at a different level but also with hunters who like the bow-and-arrow method on dry land. Spend a bit more and get very good equipment. You sure will be glad you did.

Thanks to this Website I know all this 🙂 We will also sell most of (If not all) this gear in our shop.

(Blog post written by son of Troyer Websites Owner.)  (Joni Troyer) 

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