Bowfishing is a very interesting sport or hobby or whatever you want to call it because there's so much things you can do. Bowfishing a Creek Especially.

You will not need that much gear. A bow is needed, a reel is needed, and a Arrow is needed as well (At least one). I did some research... And found that Pricing is Actually pretty cheap! You can be shooting for $30 if you want!!! You can buy a bow on Craigslist or somewhere cheap like that for $20-$100, A reel is cheap ($10),and a Bowfishing arrow is around $10-30. Here is our shop where you can buy these things(It may not have products yet depends when you are looking)


Bowfishing a creek is very fun and may be Challenging at times, but other times it's very easy to find and shoot fish. So I would say go get some bowfishing done at your local creek or river this next summer when you need something to do.



Bowfishing a lake can be very hard and it is challenging most of the time. One thing to keep in mind is that the fish can go straight to the bottom if they wish to. So with that in mind be sure to hit on your first shot.

Bowfishing Lakes, creeks, and rivers is a very fun sport but most people don't realize it.

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Always aim a little low, use the best arrow for the job, get out of he boat and wade if the fish are shallow (if you are fishing from a boat), Use a good pair of polarized glasses, skip the release and use your fingers, consider using two barb tips when hunting heavy cover, try fishing at night, stick to a bottle type reel while you are learning, emphasize a smooth draw when picking a bow, practice shooting submerged targets, and make sure your bow is setup properly...


(Blog post written by son of Troyer Websites Owner.)  (Joni Troyer)

Joni Troyer