Bowhunting Squirrels!

Bowhunting Squirrels

Need Something to do in late or early deer season or before deer season opens? You Wanna shoot your bow but you filled your deer tags and the target is kinda lame? bowhunting squirrels is for you!!! It is fun, challenging and very exciting!

But before you get to excited... You better go get your bow sighted in to where you can hit within a roll of duct tape (Every time) or you won't be having any luck with these squirrels.

So Now you're probably thinking... What about My arrows that I'm sure to lose Right? Well just don't shoot in the trees. Right? Well yes and no that is up to you...But I wouldn't. And if you do plan to shoot into the trees you might wanna go buy some cheap, Bright colored arrows so for one if you do lose any you won't have lost a $10-20 Arrow and for two you want lose as many if they are bright colored.

So now you need some gear... Or do you? Yes just a little. You will need some small game broadheads/ judo points

So now you're thinking how do I get them within range... on the ground. Well there's a solution. Just go to you favorite deer hunting spot that still has that corn pile set up and you'll have no problem shooting some of those tree rats...

So what kinda squirrels should you shoot? Any thing you got really. But if you aren't familiar with squirrel species then here are the most common...

Gray Squirrel

Bowhunting Squirrels

Perhaps the most commonly known squirrel species. These things are likely to be in your backyard even in the city. They are the the inbetween size of squirrels. So they are a bit of a smaller target then the Black or fox squirrel. Gray squirrels also have great meat.

Fox Squirrel

Bowhunting Squirrels

These would be the second most well known species of squirrels if not most well known. These are a bigger target then the gray squirrel and are fatter with more meat. These guys meat is great as well. Also you will be likely to be able to kill one of these.

Black Squirrel
Bowhunting squirrels

These guys are more rare in the woods then in the city ,if you believe it. Black squirrels are actually pretty rare anywhere. These Hybrid squirrels are becoming more and more common tho. I say Hybrid because these tree rats are a mix between Fox and Gray squirrels that's why they are so rare. They are the size of fox squirrels and are almost the same except for color.

Red Squirrel
Bowhunting Squirrels

These little things are also pretty rare but not as rare as black squirrels. You will have a huge challenge hitting this species as they are tiny!  I believe they have great meat tho!

There is plenty of videos on Youtube of people Bowhunting Squirrels. My favorite Youtuber (Kendall Gray) just released this video. (Sub to him)! Also check out his Website Here!

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