Compound vs Crossbow Which is better?

We all know there is a debate between which is better the compound vs crossbow. So we're gonna break it up into many parts today...


First of all we know that crossbows shoot much farther than compounds. And they usually shoot faster as well. But compounds are more interesting to shoot (In my opinion). Crossbows use a scope or red dot sight where compounds use a pin sight. Compound bows use a arrow rest compared to a barrel type thingamajiggy on a crossbow. Compounds you need to draw back with your shoulder muscles and look through a peep sight where crossbows you cock back with a rope cocking device. So Compounds Vs Crossbows is a very interesting topic. IT'S ALL OPINION!

Here are some Compound bow types...


Hoyt has 10 different compound bow types. They are as follows: Carbon RX-3, Carbon RX-3 Ultra,  Carbon RX-3 Turbo, Helix, Helix Ultra, Nitrux, Double XL, PowerMax, Klash, and Fireshot. (That's all I can find anyways). I've heard that Hoyt is a very good bow company I don't have one but I know they sell some very good bows some of the best on the market. These are expensive kinda too.

compound vs crossbow


There is so many Mathews bows you can't even count unless you find it somewhere where it says (I Couldn't find anything). But Mathews may very well be the #1 compound bow company. They have anything from youth bows to adult 70 LB draw weight bows. They have come out with multiple new bows every year the past couple of years. And they are all in all very popular. I heard they are amazing, as well as expensive.

compound vs crossbow


These are recorded on Google as "The Most Shootable Bows"  these bows are also a very popular bow and I heard they are amazing, as well as expensive. But apparently they are pretty comfortable as well. 


This is also one of the most common compound bow companies. Their pricing is about the same as the others tho, so pretty expensive. And I've heard they make some quality bows.


Another amazing Bow company with some amazing bows. Mostly to all compounds I'm not sure on that. These are kinda expensive as well. These bows are listed as "The most accurate Bows on the Planet" I won't lie they have some pretty cool bows on their website.

Here are some crossbow types...


This is probably the best crossbow type on the market maybe the Raven beats it I'm not sure. Supposedly (I haven't researched it) their newest crossbow is the fastest crossbow on the market , It goes up to 470 FPS! They have some very good crossbows!

compound vs crossbow

These guys are fast, compact, and accurate! They are the best or second to best crossbow company. They have a 2019 catalog and lots of crossbows of all shape and sizes! So all in all they are a good company and did I mention how expensive they are?! Wanna buy the newest one? Whew! I don't think so...

compound vs crossow


These guys also have some good, accurate, and speedy crossbows! These bows are expensive as well. But I've heard they shoot quite well! There isn't to much to say about except they are cool and I believe quiet as well.


Carbon express has some good crossbows as well. I've heard they have very good crossbows and I think arrows (Not just crossbow bolts either) as well! Not to expensive like the others either. (That depends which bow you get as well of course).


Mission has some good crossbows as well! (Like all the others, haha.) They are accuracy focused according to there website. And apparently they make some pretty fast and compact bows as well.

Compound bow vs crossbow which is better? It's opinion!

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So all in all which is better? I will have to say that is opinion. It's all up to you what to get. Both are great. You get what you want and what fits the budget. (I plan on doing a blog post comparing recurve bows and long bows as well). (We also will have all of these bow types available at the shop eventually so check back regularly for that)

(Blog post written by son of Troyer Websites Owner.)  (Joni Troyer)

Joni Troyer