Getting Kids Into Archery

Getting kids into archery. Getting our kids into Hunting is something we all should do for sure. And most boys (and girls as well) will probably love the experience.

Kids love the experience and the thrill of hunting as much if not more then we do. So be sure to have your kids involved with your hunting projects and target shooting as soon as possible because they will enjoy it.

I get it, getting kids started with Archery hunting might be a little expensive. But it definitely is worth it. It can be anywhere between $100 to $1000 USD just for a bow but you can have them deer hunting for less then $300 pretty easily.

How young is to young? Learn Here.

Click Here for a YouTube video I found as a good example of getting kids started and how to...(also see the excitement?!)

KIDS LOVE HUNTING, it's might as well be a fact.

Kids love hunting.

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Buy your kid a good bow and get it setup right. Visit a pro bow shop. Don't buy it at one of these "Boxstore" type stores, Those are to cheap or don't get it setup right or something. Always be sure your kid is pulling the right draw weight and has the right draw length if you don't that kid won't shoot quite right.


Once a child is set up, it is important that they shoot at home if possible. We always encourage parents to get their kids a target so they can shoot in the backyard if it is legal where they live. (We talk more about targets Here) we recommend not just any target. There are youth targets on the market. Morrell Targets and others make targets that are built to be shot at with lightweight bows.

It is really discouraging for a kid if they shoot at a target and the arrow bounces off the target. Arrows will penetrate targets built for kids and the arrows will be easy to remove for the kids, which makes shooting fun. After a kid is pulling plenty of weight, buy them a few 3D targets for the backyard. Kids love shooting at animals. It also helps teach them about the anatomy of animals which they will need to know if they start bowhunting.

(Blog post written by son of Troyer Websites Owner.)  (Joni Troyer)

Joni Troyer