How Young Is To Young For Archery?

How young is to young for archery? "Start em while they"re young" Is very true with lots of sports including Archery, The earlier they start, the more time they have to learn, adapt, and improve their skills. But how young is too young for archery you ask? 8 Years old is plenty old enough to start your child. They have enough strength by then to draw back a beginner Bow. You can start them earlier of course if they have the strength.


In general, the younger the child, the shorter their attention span. We suggest making the learning process enjoyable while easing them in.

MAKE IT EXCITING is the most important part!

If you’ve already been introduced to archery, you probably didn’t take your first shot with a fully tricked-out bow. That simplistic approach to learning archery also works for youths. First, focus on safety and proper shooting form. Introduce other equipment as they progress. When looking at equipment for the first time, start with the basics, which means visiting a local retailer who can properly fit the beginner to a bow based on draw weight, length and adjustability and maybe color. Or buy from our shop.

The most important factor for a young kid just starting out is ensuring they can comfortably and safely shoot it, Beyond that, don’t be surprised if the next important factor for them is the color and the designs on it.

Therefore, choose a bow your child can handle and learn from. It can be a recurve or a compound that comes with a complete package. Most importantly, let them choose the fun stuff, like color.

Kids love archery and it never is to early to get them into them

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Whether your child is on the younger end of the beginners’ spectrum or a teen, learning takes time, patience and supervision. Be supportive, knowing they’ll have ups and downs during the early learning stages. I suggest starting with short, quick practice sessions so they stay interested and excited about the sport!

If you’re also in archery’s beginning stages, visit a shop or work with a coach to guide you and your child. This is an opportunity to start a new hobby, learn together and lead by example.

(Blog post written by son of Troyer Websites Owner.)  (Joni Troyer)

Joni Troyer